With a dry cleaner on almost every corner you may think that it doesn't matter to whom you trust your garment care. IT DOES! We're the best... let us prove it to you! ( See Our COUPONS )


Fine Dry Cleaning (Couture & designers)

If it deserve the finest in cleaning care it deserve to be clean by us ,Beverly Crest Cleaners understand the cost & care people take to look their very best, we maintain & preserve the integrity of every garment.


Bedding & Linen

Before the holiday or any time, we'll do our part to make sure your home is fresh and beautiful for entertaining guests and family.We clean and freshen up your household items, such as area rugs, couch covers, drapery, curtains and decorative pillows. Items such as blankets, comforters, bed pillows


Wedding Gowns

With proper care and storage, your cherished Bridal Gown will remain beautiful for years. Our exclusive service includes professional cleaning & preservation and a special acid-free container. For more detailed information about our service, and tips on how to store your gown, please read the information in the links below…


Shirt Laundry(Hand Finished)

Laundered Shirts, lab coats and linens look sharp as a pin when they're pressed with a nice crisp finish.Items such as men’s dress shirts, fine bed and table linen, etc. are pre-treated and washed with additives, soap and water before being pressed . These items are pressed wet with laundry pressing equipment using high pressure and high heat to produce the fine, crisp finish.



Loose some weight lately? (Or gained a few?) Either way, our expert tailor will fit you to accentuate your best possible look!We have a expert tailor on the premises Monday through Friday from 10AM to 5PM. He does alterations and mends just about anything… from hemming your pants or replacing a pocket, to lining your jacket.


Drapery Cleaning & Smoke Damage

Even when your draperies seem clean, they require professional care as part of your regular housekeeping routine. Protect your draperies by utilizing Beverly Cleaners crest cleaning services. please call us for our expert staff to come to you to take down & rehang after the cleaning your draperies



From the celebrities, Designer boutiques, to our regular customers, we have made it our effort to pay meticulous attention and provide only the best cleaning services since 1927 (88 years)


Beverly Crest and Burton Way Cleaners were established in 1927, providing the very best in garment cleaning services to LA's Westside. High quality and convenience of service have been the cornerstones of our business for over forty years.

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Our prices for wedding gowns vary, as it depends on style and fabrics. A traditional type Bridal Gown will start at $300.00. Simpler Gowns will naturally cost less. . We also provide service to Century City,etc.

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If you prefer not to be on a regular schedule, you can just call or e-mail when you need us. Pick-up and delivery is FREE when your order totals $25 or more within our service area.

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We carefully inspect and prepare your bridal gown before cleaning. We check for spots, age, wear areas, any and all needed repairs; loose buttons or beads, open seams, tears, etc.

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