• Will you package the gown without cleaning it?

    ....Your wedding gown should be carefully cleaned and inspected before placing it in the "Special Acid-Free Container". We prefer to do the entire cleaning & preservation service from start to finish ourselves, to insure the best results.
  • How long does the cleaning & preservation process take?

    ...We usually take 4-6 weeks. We take our time to make sure it will be as perfect as it can be.
  • How much does it cost?

    ...Our prices for wedding gowns vary, as it depends on style and fabrics. A traditional type Bridal Gown will start at $200.00. Simpler Gowns will naturally cost less. We consider our prices to be very reasonable, because of the quality of knowledge and skill involved. The value of quality is the end result of what you get in service and workmanship, and in the long run, how your gown will look. Please e-mail for a quotation.
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