Exclusive Bridal Gown Cleaning & Preservation

With proper care and storage, your bridal gown will remain beautiful for years.

Expert Spot Removal

Problem stains and spots can become bigger problems if not treated correctly. Our specialized knowledge of fabrics, stains and cleaning agents insures that your garment will be dealt with by top professionals.

Formal & Evening Wear

These types of garments are generally made from fabrics that are delicate and require special care and handling. Furthermore, complex and intricate designs of the most fashionable require highly skilled expert cleaning and pressing methods for a perfect look.

Fabricare Consultation

As a member of both International Fabricare Institute and the California Cleaners’ Association, we provide our customers with the most recent advances and techniques in garment care. Have a question about your garment? Just ask us. We’re experts and we’re here for you!

Garment Restoration

Restoration of fine garments is a craft that goes back generations. We combine the latest treatment solutions to provide a delicate balance that restores vibrancy and splendor to your garments.

Hand Finishing

Certain types of fabrics and garments require specialized hand finishing techniques. Over 40 years of experience guarantees a perfect result!

Our friendly, knowledgeable garment experts are here to assist you and take extra special care with all your dry cleaning and laundry needs. Once your clothes are left in our hands, you know you can trust that they’ll be carefully handled and inspected from start to finish. Your clothes are returned to you packaged, clean, fresh, and ready to wear. You’ll look and feel great!

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